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D1 - Plinft's first show took place in Times Square on March 7th 2022. We'd like to thank all the collections, collectors and creators who took part on the big screen, in the square and at home watching the stream.

Here's the D1 Pass that collections minted to access the big screen. 

And here's one of the 1-of-1 commemorative NFTs minted as evidence of a Times Square appearance with Plinft.


 “I just want to say that I am extremely pleased with how this is went and how it is going and the level and quality of this project. Just wanted to say thank you” 


 “Loved the event for FlowerGirls”


"Definitely a good time! Good turn out of ppl from all the groups."


“You all did a fabulous job!!!!  Thank you so much for the fun evening! Made some great memories!”


“When is the next event? Sign me up! That was a blast!”


“Love what you guys are doing! Keep it up! Great first event and excited to see where you guys take this next! Cheers!”


“Dronies had a good time and you guys organized everything really well. Looking forward to the next event”


“Love this project! Kudos to the team behind it :)”


See you all at D2!

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