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What is the Times Square NFT Global Community Event? 

  • The Time Square NFT Event will provide a platform for dozens of the world’s most exciting NFT creators to showcase their work. Both the collections themselves and the communities behind them will participate in a “digital takeover” of One Times Square – the most iconic video screen in the world!

  • NFT creators will be provided with their own event segments, allowing them to make announcements, showcase their collections, and drop some amazing surprises by displaying special QR codes to attendees. 

  • Simultaneously, collectors from the NFT project will flex works from their own wallets alongside personalized messages. 

  • The entire event will be live-streamed around the world and also simulcast in the metaverse.

When does the event take place? 

  • The next event is scheduled for May.

How do members of the community participate?

  • Your NFT Community will receive whitelisted slots that enable them to mint passes for individual participants. If your community has yet to sign up for these slots, you can request that they get in touch with Plinft on Also, keep in mind that if you miss a drop, there will be more!

What do I get for minting a pass? 

  • First, you’ll earn the opportunity to display your own NFT as well as a personalized message on the biggest screen in Times Square! We’re hacking the real world in order to elevate the digital one! Your NFT will appear on the screen long enough for us to capture a stunning image of it lording over one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

  • That image will also be transformed into an exclusive 1:1 personalized NFT that we will airdrop directly to your wallet. Not only will this serve as a memento of the occasion, but it will give you plenty of firepower to flex on social media. 

  • Lastly, participating in the event will be a great way to show support for the NFT community, showcase your NFT collection, and reach the entire world with your personal message.

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