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PLINFT Takes Blossoming NFT Culture to the Mainstream

in Times Square Celebration


More than 20 collections and over 500 individual NFT owners come together to showcase their unique NFT culture on the world’s most iconic digital screen.


Web3 platform PLINFT announces a massive NFT global community event live, and live-streamed, from Times Square on Monday, March 7th, 2022 at 7pm local time (2400 UTC).  


PLINFT is taking the burgeoning NFT world to the mainstream, with Times Square’s most iconic digital billboard—the same screen that rings in the New Year—acting as the portal. PLINFT is introducing a new way for individual NFT owners to get their moment on the towering screen, celebrate their NFT communities, and share it with the world. 


“NFTs represent who you are, your ethos, and the community you’re part of,” says PLINFT executive producer Harris Salat, “but if they just sit in your crypto wallet, nobody can see that. That’s where we come in.”


The display of each work on the Times Square screen is momentary, but evidence of its appearance is collated and verified in the form of a commemorative NFT, minted by PLINFT and airdropped to each participant.  


“We’re shining a spotlight on these amazing collections to give them visibility in the greater culture,” says PLINFT creative director Nicolas Roope. “Ultimately, the communities around the projects are the real currency of the NFT movement.” 


The phenomenal rise of NFTs has catalyzed an explosion in artistic expression and digital community building, as multiple groups organized around NFT collections are forming and hyperscaling globally. Trading NFTs related to these projects is steered by their inherent cultural and symbolic value, rather than by pure economic exchange. NFTs allow people to signal identity, build community and encourage artistic expression—a profound cultural movement just beginning to be recognized by the mainstream. 


Embracing the adventurous hacker spirit inherent in the crypto-culture that spawned NFTs, PLINFT is pioneering a new way to draw wide scale attention to this movement, beginning with this community event at the most culturally significant city square in the world.


Tasty Bones

Flower Girls

Bad Influence






Curious Addys’ Trading Club

Purrnelope’s Country Club

and many more…



PLINFT creative director Nicolas Roope and executive producer Harris Salat are available for interviews and podcasts. Select NFT collection founders are also available for interviews and podcasts, together and separately. 



Community members are gathering in Times Square to view the event live. Media members interested in attending please contact:



PLINFT is a Web3 marketing platform developed by creative director Nicolas Roope, software developer Joe Leo, producer Harris Salat and “Bruder” (anonymous crypto god), four friends with roots in the crazy Internet ramp-up of the 90s who’ve come together to humbly contribute to the most important new innovation in the 21st century—NFTs. 


The name PLINFT is inspired by the “plinth,” a pedestal to raise, present and support a three-dimensional work of art, separating it from its immediate surroundings so it can be seen and appreciated to the fullest. PLINFT creates a digital pedestal to showcase NFT collections and the communities that bring them to life. 





Twitter DM @PLINFT

Discord: Harris | PLINFT - WON'T DM FIRST#0001

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